Image of a forest. Ecosystems Cardboard Jungle

What are Ecosystems?

  • By - Samantha Ashe
  • 14 March, 2021

Welcome to Cardboard Jungle’ a fun, creative and environmentally friendly cardboard cut-out activities for children. 

Each of our cardboard cut-out animals come with a free booklet with fun facts about the animal of your choice and fun activities for the family. Our mission is to provide endless entertainment, allowing your children to freely colour, paint and decorate their cardboard cut-out animal and learn all about this animal whilst having tonnes of fun!

We will be talking about the animals' eco systems, what they eat, where they play and their home. 

Let's learn about that big word Ecosystems. 

Ecosystems are a relationship between all living and non-living things. For example, plants, animals, organisms, sun, water, climate etc. All the living and non-living things interact with each other in some way. And there is a big importance to keep the natural balance of earth between all the living and non-living things.

Pack of Tigers Cardboard Jungle

Think about big cats, like Tigers who hunt for other wild animals and this is part of the eco system and the circle of life! They need to do this to survive and allow other animals to survive. For example, if there are too many deer then the deer eat all the vegetation, and therefore other living things will die as there is no food for them.  You will also learn that if we save one tiger successfully, we also protect around 25,000 acres of forest. That sounds like a big deal, right?


Cool colour tip:

Here’s a fun tip on how to mix two colours to make the colour orange!

Colour orange paint Cardboard Jungle


Take the two primary colours red and yellow, mix them together and there you have it!

If you want to make the colour orange a deeper and darker orange, then apply a little more red. And if you want to make it a lighter orange, then apply a little more yellow.

We’d love to see your colour mixing! You can send them through to us and we can share your talented artists, upload them to @cardboardjunglefb or @cardboardjungleinsta