What's a habitat?

What's a habitat?

  • By - Samantha Ashe
  • 04 June, 2021


Welcome back to Cardboard Jungle’s blog. We provide fun, creative, and environmentally friendly activities and through these we think of really cool and important things to write about animals and our planet!

In our last blog post we talked about Earth Day and before that about Eco Systems, now we want to tell you all about what a habitat is and the importance of them to our animals.

Cardboard Jungle image of hippos

You will find that a lot of the time when you read about habitats you hear about “organisms” which are living things including animals, plants, insects and more. For this blog we are talking about the animals

So, in a nutshell a habitat is a place where the animal makes its home and takes care of its family. Each animal requires a different habitat or home to meet its needs to survive. You will find in our activity’s booklets (which you receive when you buy any of our cardboard cut-out jungle animals) what each different animal requires for their own.

Cardboard Jungle Monkeys

Each animal will need a space to find that will fit for their family or themselves. The space of their habitat is especially important for example, if their space is too small it will not allow them to hunt for food or have enough trees and plants to feed from or shelter from. This will not allow them to have a good chance to survive and grow as a family. Think about your own home, what is your habitat like? We guess it is the perfect size for your family to get shelter, food and water.

Shelter is super important too, to protect them from predators, strong sun, and colder days too. Shelter examples could include trees in a forest or a jungle or a cave. Can you think of any shelter ideas? Where do you run for shelter when it rains or gets super-hot?

Cardboard Jungle Giraffe

Most of our animals in our range at are herbivores which means they eat plants and trees. So, when the animal is looking for its habitat, it needs to think about how it will get its food. A tiger on the other hand eats meat and hunts for it. So, it needs to think about will there be nearby food for it to hunt for?

And of course, water which is the most important supply to have in a habitat, without water they will not be able to survive. Whether it is from a river, stream, lake or puddle they need this to survive.

We write about the importance of each animal in our activity’s booklet and why they are important to our eco system. As they all play an important role, many are becoming endangered due to their habitats getting smaller or they are moved out. This could be to do with trees being knocked down, or villages with humans are getting bigger and eating into their land.

Next time when you see a wild animal maybe in the forest or in a field think about what kind of habitat it is and look for the essential things it needs to survive: Space, Shelter, Food & Water.